Annabelle’s Bar and Bistro

On 4th between Market and Mission. Within view of the Metreon, Annabelle’s is a pretty standard bar and grill kind of place, with some tasty fresh seafood. Since we didn’t want to miss our movie, we ended up getting just a main course, although my fellow diners told the appetizers were a mixed bag. I ended up with grilled salmon on a mushroom risotto, which was sort of lacking in mushrooms. The fish was delish, though, and I was pretty happy with my meal overall. If you’re a steak fan, they can certainly accomodate that too.

The only downside to Annabelle’s is the price. Good luck finding a place that will serve up this kind of chow for less, but my tastebuds were not particularly wowed here. It would be a good place to take midwestern relatives with somewhat conservative (American) eating habits, while leaving yourself flexible for trying something a little more Californian. On their dime, of course.


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