Allerton 2011

I am at the 7^2nd Allerton Conference at the moment and will write about the few talks I managed to take notes on in a bit. As usual, I have adopted a poor strategy for talk attendance – speakers often run over (poor planning for your talk, folks!) and if you switch sessions you end up standing in the back or outside the room. The key to success is to arrive early and not move. Alas, that is less fun.

Next year, they should consider heavy curtains for the front of the Solarium to block



Being hungry sounds dangerous for your brain.

Celphalopod color and texture camouflage. Amazing. [via]

Clarence Darrow on eugenics. [via]

My friend Erik is starting a brewery and has been doing a series called Pint/Counterpint about the process of running a local brewery. Someday I will make it down to North Carolina…

More depressing news about our obsessive need for tests.