Amardeep Singh responds to “On Yankee Hindutva”

I just wanted to link to Amardeep’s timely post on Vijay Prashad’s analysis of Hindu organizations for desi youth in the US. Two interesting points to me were:

  • Religious practice in the US tends to become more like “going to church” (Amardeep cites Sikhs going to Gurudwara as an example).
  • Shadowy secret global Hindutva conspiracies are strawmen of a sort. The things I’d like to see are concerted challenges and alternative organizations to the VHP-A.

It’s timely because I’m rereading Prashad’s Karma of Brown Folk right now as part of my self-imposed South Asian-American Cultural Studies Bootcamp, sponsored by the UCSD Libaries. More posts on that to come in the future I hope.

be careful how you name your algorithm

The Lasso is a popular algorithm for selection used in statistics. In this recent paper posted to ArXiV the authors show that the Lasso is not algorithmically stable. It’s only to be expected, really. A twirling loop of rope is hardly an image one might associate to stability!