Re: Sample

His name is Nyquist, but he never uses it. Some of his aliases on the street are Lo-Pass (when he MCs on the music show Impulse Train), Kompressor Kommandante (in Germany), and Kitchen Sinc (for his side projects). He represents the LTI Crew, and his rate of innovation is amazingly high for the fast-paced music industry. Check out his frequencies and you’ll get a response from your ears that will blow your mind. Once you sample, you’ll hold on to that sound and never let go…

I went to an art museum in San Diego, and there were the exhibits of bowls, plates, pots, and so on, which are not art in the same way that a painting is art, because the pots and so on were used. Music is always being used, though. For example, there is some music I would designate as “study music.” Listening to Orbital makes me more productive, but I don’t think I could really see myself going to an Orbital concert, or actually playing Orbital over and over again just to listen to it. It occupies the background in my aural landscape. On the other hand, I find it almost impossible to do anything but listen when I hear some Beethoven piano sonatas, or some REM, etc. I bet if I thought really hard about it I could come up with a playlist that would have fixed-time breaks.

Squarepusher goes both ways though — some of it I background, and some of it I can’t. It’s pretty awesome either way though.