Bad catcall

Here is a bad line to use: while watching a group of beautiful (men/women) walk down the street, say “check out the group delay on that ass!” My thanks to Michael Baker for inspiring this moment of prelim-studying delirium.

Witty Schisms

In high school I was sitting at lunch with a bunch of my friends, and my friend Hadas was singing something, and as a friendly jibe, I said “Hadas, could you pick a key?” This was the wrong thing to say. I didn’t mean it to be hurtful, of course, it was me trying to be funny I think, but it fell short. In any case, now it’s this little joke between us, which is good, but I wonder how many other inadvertant witticisms I have made have actually been mean. Sometimes I lay it on a bit thick, after all.

I’m not sure what made me think of that — I think I just wanted to use the phrase “Witty Schisms” as a entry title. Maybe I should start up a blog for research papers so I can write up summaries and post them for my browsing pleasure. But I think that might be just a little too geeky, even for a website called ergodicity. Ooh! A new play entitled “A Website Named Desire.” Some sort of strange hypertextual Tennessee Williams-esque cyberpunk play. And “STELLA” could be the STrategic ELectric Laser Android. Hmm….