Don’t know why…

I had thought San Diego would be sunnier than this, but I guess it’s gloomy in June. Yesterday we checked out some museums and walked around Balboa Park a bit but avoided the zoo. We saw a line outside of the zoo that was not at the zoo’s entrance. It was a line to get into the zoo’s food service job fair, and it was pretty long. Given the number of unemployed people in the US now, I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised, but I’m guessing the number of openings available was well below the number of applicants. The country is in pretty sad shape, I think.

If I had decided to blow off work for 4 days and stay in Berkeley, I think it would not have been nearly as relaxing. Going out of town is a necessary thing for me (but not sufficient). Next time, however, I am going to figure out how to avoid LA traffic.