My new juggling technique

Is unstoppable. Too bad it’s got a poor order of growth. ‘Nuff said.

I’m headin’ down to San Diego tomorrow for fun in the sun. Time to take the new car on it’s first big highway trip – gotta figure out how the cruise control works. I used to like driving on the highway, but a cross-country trip in a Ryder truck will beat that out of you pretty quickly. Actually, Kansas will beat that out of you in a slow, painful, soul-crushing way. And parts of Wyoming. And northern Nevada. Next time I want to take the scenic route.

I’ve seen a lot of people hawking the Socialist Worker newspaper in the last few days, which is baffling to me. The campus and town in general are more deserted than they have been since I moved here, so it seems like inopportune time to start a big promotion campaign. Dan’s analysis was that this way they don’t get ignored by the mob or get lumped in with the other people vying for the attention of passerby on Telegraph. I’m not entirely sure I buy that — I think it might just be that the Socialist Worker movement is out of touch with the community in which they are operating. It wouldn’t be the first time.

I wish Jim’s Big Ego would come and tour the left coast sometime. But I was informed by Ram that Gotan is playing in SF on July 8!