Bo’sun gots to represent!

The Oxford English Dictionary’s Word Of The Day today is “dis.” Whereas Merriam-Webster’s is “Davy Jones’s Locker.” My question is: who picks these words? And is there a secret war being waged between the Oxford MCs and the M-W Pirates? Aye, fo’ shizzle, yarrr. Mad props and shiver me timbers!


Not Lovecraft

H.P. comes out this week, and the Guardian is sponsoring a contest to see who can come up with the closest thing to the first 350 or so words of the book. I’ve already reserved mine at a bookstore in SF (in retrospect, probably a sub-optimal strategy, since that means I have to wait an hour to get it). I think it will look good on the shelf next to “Random Processes : Filtering, Estimation, and Detection.” In fact, I think HP6 should be “Harry Potter and the Annihilating Filter.” I’m sure it would sell lots of copies — Rowling could get it published by the IEEE and charge $150 a copy.

The Daniela Mercury concert was pretty awesome, all told. Unfortunately, I don’t know any Portuguese, so I have no idea what she was singing about. But I could usually sing along with the chorus by the 3rd time. Now all I have to do is learn how to dance and then go to Rio. And make sure I’m wearing the appropriate soccer jersey. GOOOOOAAAAAAALLLL!


Thus far, after one year, Cancún has my vote for the best burrito in Berkeley. Unfortunately, it’s about a buck or two more expensive than other other places, but in my opinion the selection outweighs the cost. Here you can find mole, nopales, and other burritos that aren’t at the other places near the Berkeley campus. They also have 3-4 different agua frescas available, which is the perfect way to cool off after a hot day in the sun. To top it all off, they have about 12 different salsas to choose from. If you go there for the first time, I recommend trying as many as possible. Most of them are pretty tasty, but watch out for the ones that say they’re spicy!