Little Plearn

Shattuck and Channing. This is the companion restaurant to the main Plearn on Univeristy. It’s a cute little Thai restaurant and one of the better ones, I think. Last time I went I got the Pat Kee Mao, which was spicy and tasty. The service is a mixed bag, so if you’re in a rush, it might not be the best place to go, but the food is good, and they do take out as well. The only trick is that it’s cash only. But ATMs abound in Downtown Berkeley.



I found out today that Berkeley has a palontology museum that is a federal repository and the 4th largest collection in the country or something. This is awesome! I’m gonna have to go sometime and check it out.

The OED word of the day is “AOR,” or album oriented rock. Again: who picks these words? What ever happened to learning obscure vocabulary like “gemellion — One of a pair of basins used for washing the hands before meals, the water being poured over the hands from one basin and caught by the other; hence, any decorative basin?” Apparently the word of the day is supposed to turn you into a musical hipster. I just wish they would kick it old school.