Ocean Restaurant

At 8th and Clement. Another small dim-sum place, but one I was told is “more authentic.” The food here was pretty good, and pretty cheap, if you stay away from the high-price items like the jellyfish (which was spicy and good, but there was too much of it for us to finish). The shumai were some of the best I’ve had, as were the turnip cakes, a little crunchy on one side.

Since it’s a smaller place, there aren’t people with platters or carts wandering around — you order off a menu like you would a la carte sushi. The only downside of this setup is that the service is a little slower, and we got things one at a time at first. The full-on barrage of bite-sized options didn’t manifest itself until we had demolished some of the earlier courses. If you like to mix things up, you have to have to be patient, which isn’t easy if you skipped breakfast.

There are tons of dim sum places like this in the Richmond, of course, and chances are most of them are better than the similar places closer downtown. If you’re up for the commute out there, you won’t be disappointed.


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