On Telegraph between Channing and Haste. Intermezzo wins my vote for best place to eat on Southside. They serve up huge salad bowls, tasty soups, and gigantic sandwiches on their delicious honey-wheat bread, and all at around 4 to 6 bucks. The vegetarian sandwich is avocado and cream cheese with the works, and I heartily recommend it if you don’t mind making a little mess. For a lighter but still substantial lunch or dinner, try one of the salad bowls — I usually stick with the tossed greens, but they have one with every conceivable bean for your protein needs.

There’s usually a line out the door at this place, and for good reason. It’s a bit crowded inside, but the turnover’s pretty fast. I’ve never had to wait for a table. And if you’re feeling fat and lazy afterwards, you can waddle across the street to Cody’s Books or Amoeba Music and browse around.


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