Lots of little penguins

I went to see Finding Nemo with Ann at the 1000 Van Ness yesterday, and as we walked back to Muni (and indeed, the rest of the evening) we saw people all dressed up for the Symphony’s gala fundraising event, the Black and White Ball. As I returned to the East Bay, I saw several people in the younger set going to the Ball, for which tickets were several hundred dollars. I see the appeal of dressing up and going to something fancy, but I think this event was a little beyond my ken. I seriously doubt those people felt they were being philanthropic, especially the way they were talking. Maybe this is the logical extension of going to a party with a pretty steep cover charge. All I have to say is that the hors d’ouvres had better have been pretty good, because my dinner was pretty damn tasty. Check it out in edibles.

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