On Castro between 18th and 19th. This is a hip little restaurant which claims to be Burmese, but is probably better classified as pan-Asian. I went here with my friend Ann on a Saturday night, and the wait wasn’t too bad, but we just beat the rush. The staff is pretty friendly, the decor is nice, but it’s kind of loud, like many popular restaurants in San Francisco.

The menu has a lot of noodle dishes, including quite a few vegetarian options. there are also some main entrees which come with rice. You get your choice of noodles — spinach ramen, udon, or linguine. i think your milage will vary quite a bit with some of the dishes depending on the noodles that you get. There’s also a special drinks menu with some really interesting fruity/tropical mixed drinks as well as this sort of alcoholic frappe that Ann thought was rather tasty.

We got the appetizer sampler plate ($10) which was much larger than we anticipated, and had samosas, spring rolls, satay tofu, and this grilled onion bread, along with four associated sauces. Everything but the tofu was pretty tasty. I found the tofu, which was deep fried, dull and a let-down after the tasty tasty onion bread. For a main course we split the Apricot Glazed Pork with udon ($8.50). The pork was delicious, and the sauce complimented it well, but was a little milder than I had expected.

I would definitely go here again to try some of the other intriguing menu options, perhaps before or after seeing a movie at the fabulous Castro St. Theater. Apparently this owners of Nirvana also own a restaurant called Nan Yang in Rockridge, which I will have to check out sometime…


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