Great Oriental

On Washington between Stockton and Grant. This is a dim sum place in Chinatown with a high ratio of Chinese to non-Chinese people, and menus mostly in Chinese on the wall. With non-simplified characters even. It’s a small place compared to the huge eateries — the food is brought around on trays, not carts.

As far as the food went, it was greasier than a lot of dim sum that I have had, but pretty good otherwise. I rather liked their ginger-pork dumpling, but by that time I had had so much to eat I couldn’t really appreciate it. In the end, it cost a table of nine people only $8 each, which was pretty fair, given the amount of food we managed to put away. I’d give it about a 3/5 rating against Dim Sum Restaurants I Have Known.


0 thoughts on “Great Oriental

  1. I have some advise for anyone thinking about going to this restaurant; DONT! I went there on Sunday and it was the worst dining experience of my life. None of the staff speaks english and they mess up all the orders. One other thing is the pork and chicken, are definitely not pork and chicken. It’s gross, I still dont know what kind of meat they’re serving us. Maybe alley cat or sewer rat translates to chicken in Chinese. If you don’t beleive me, go and see for yourself.

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