On Hayes at Laguna. Ahh, Frjtz, bastion of creperies in San Francisco. Frjtz calls itself a Belgian crepe and fries place, but having never been to Belgium, I cannot speak for its authenticity. However, it is a fine place to go for a pre-Symphony or Opera snack, or if you happen to find yourself in Hayes Valley for lunch. The Crepes are neat squares of chewy bread and tasty fillings, and they have a wide variety on the menu, all named after famous painters. I’ve only had the savories — I recommend the Duchamp, Brancusi, Dali, and Caravaggio, although the salmon ones are supposed to be good as well.

A trip to Frjtz is not complete without having som frjtz, delicious fries that come with your selection of dipping sauces — one with a small, and two with a large (groot). I recommend the caper-onion ketchup and the honey mustard, although there are more adventurous choices as well. I found the wasabi mayo kind of disappointing, and the spicy peanut was more like peanut butter. For a truly authentic experience, top it all off with a nice Chimay, although that’ll cost you extra.


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