livejournal syndication

So thanks to Darcy, I believe, I have a syndication feed for this blog on livejournal. Unfortunately, the way livejournal is set up, you can comment on the post directly within livejounal, so that the comment will not show up on the main blog. I have no idea how many comments I have missed (probably not many), but if y’all livejournalists could remember to comment on the main blog, that would be cool.

I looked around for quick (< 5 minute) fixes for this, but haven’t found one yet. Maybe when I’ll have more time I’ll look again.


edibles folded into main blog

My old edibles blog has been folded into the main blog — once I figure out how to get link bar working properly they should appear there. Maybe that will encourage me to write more food commentary.

Update: WordPress lets you make static pages external to the blog itself but using the same stylesheet. The Edibles section is now available from the top navbar as well as the sidebar.

another quick test

Since I was updating the old blog anyway, I figured I’d try out some nify new features that people have developed, like MimeTeX, which is a cgi script that renders LaTeX on the fly for you and doesn’t have any other dependencies. So now I can write about things like the Gaussian distribution:

Although it might be a bit hard to use expressions that are too fancy and use all the crazy squiggles and arrows that come with the AMS packages, this is definitely a step up in the world of blogging math.

migration is now

I will be migrating to WordPress shortly. After doing so I will blog about Manjula Padmanabhan’s latest comments on Harvest in two parts : “The playwright has her cake and eats it too” and “Identity, authenticity, and universality.”

Update: migration seems to have been successful, but I need a less godawful template. Aesthetic sensibilities will be restored pending actual sleep.

posts I would like to see (I)

I realized today, while talking to someone about blogs and why I read them, that many people I personally know are doing some interesting things that I think should be read by more people. So I’m going to start calling them out because I want to hear them write about what I’ve heard them talk about and I think others should read it as well.

This will be a series of posts — if you take up my challenge I’ll post links here and hopefully start a discussion at your place. Or just write about something else because you think my idea of a topic sucks. In any case, we all win — you’ll write about something you care about. I’ll start out with only three requests:

Deb: What is so interesting about film noir, and why?

Ranjit: Why should everyone care about cops in schools? What do you realistically think youth can do to organize and protect themselves?

Ram: What do you think is broken about political rhetoric these days? Is it that the radicalization of viewpoints is unproductive? How should we effect a debate so that we really end up understanding one another?

If this works I’ll try and get more ideas going. I like blogging, but I’m lacking a purpose most of the time. Requests can be nice, I find.