livejournal syndication

So thanks to Darcy, I believe, I have a syndication feed for this blog on livejournal. Unfortunately, the way livejournal is set up, you can comment on the post directly within livejounal, so that the comment will not show up on the main blog. I have no idea how many comments I have missed (probably not many), but if y’all livejournalists could remember to comment on the main blog, that would be cool.

I looked around for quick (< 5 minute) fixes for this, but haven’t found one yet. Maybe when I’ll have more time I’ll look again.

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0 thoughts on “livejournal syndication

  1. I don’t think there is a fix for that, unfortunately. Nor, also unfortunately, is it possible (so far as I know) to turn off comments altogether for those entries.

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