pardon my dust

This blog is going down for a day or two (or perhaps the weekend) in order to move to a new home hosted by They support LaTeX and I’ve decided to move the thing over there. It’ll take a few days for the domain redirection to catch up, so be forewarned.

The blog has now moved, and here is a test of the new embedded \LaTeX features:

I( X \wedge Y ) = \sum_{x,y} P(x,y) \log \frac{P(x,y)}{P(x) P(y)}


I(P,V) = \sum_{x,y} P(x) V(y | x) \log \frac{ V(y | x) }{P(y)}

anonymous commenting

At the risk of excess blog spam, I’ve enabled anonymous commenting for those who would prefer to comment without revealing themselves.

maybe I need more posts about cute puppies

Link yoinked from Volokh. This brought to you by Meaningless Statistics LLC, where simple features with poor descriptive power are dressed up with fancy names.

Also, the link they give you on the site points to a site advertising cash advances, one of the most rapacious and terrible industries in our country, so if you use it, make sure to edit that part out of the HTML.


I’m contemplating moving this blog over to for hosting, since they have nice features such as built-in LaTeX. I’d probably pay for the domain redirect (you have to pay for that???). I realized that I’m not using the extra flexibility of an external host, so it seems silly to pay for that. Does anyone else have any opinions or comments on feasibility/ease/worth of migrating?