posts I would like to see (I)

I realized today, while talking to someone about blogs and why I read them, that many people I personally know are doing some interesting things that I think should be read by more people. So I’m going to start calling them out because I want to hear them write about what I’ve heard them talk about and I think others should read it as well.

This will be a series of posts — if you take up my challenge I’ll post links here and hopefully start a discussion at your place. Or just write about something else because you think my idea of a topic sucks. In any case, we all win — you’ll write about something you care about. I’ll start out with only three requests:

Deb: What is so interesting about film noir, and why?

Ranjit: Why should everyone care about cops in schools? What do you realistically think youth can do to organize and protect themselves?

Ram: What do you think is broken about political rhetoric these days? Is it that the radicalization of viewpoints is unproductive? How should we effect a debate so that we really end up understanding one another?

If this works I’ll try and get more ideas going. I like blogging, but I’m lacking a purpose most of the time. Requests can be nice, I find.

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0 thoughts on “posts I would like to see (I)

  1. I will think about the question. Now here is a question for you:

    Do you believe literature and theater can be brought closer to the common man*? Why don’t we see sucessful efforts in this direction? Would you have suggestions? And just to make the question a little longer, why most current playwrights are focusing on post-modernism and deconstruction? Has the role of theater changed?

    *common as opposed to an intelectual person.

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