the ship is headed nowhere good

According to a BBC article today, Jean Charles de Menezes was, in fact, behaving relatively innocuously before being shot in the head while being restrained. He picked up a paper, ran to catch his train, and sat down. No bulky jacket, no leaping over ticket barriers, just a guy trying to catch his train.

In the aftermath of this incident I was willing to give the cops just a little sympathy — perhaps it was a tense situation and things got out of hand. I could, with little effort, construct scenarios in my mind that would have led to the same outcome and a less-than-clear-cut assignment of good and evil to the players involved. However, with this new information my dramatic imagination is stretched to its utmost. I’m left with the premise of “cops see swarthy/brown man running, shoot to kill.” Hopefully there will be some accountability here rather than the parade of official deceptions to which we were treated in the aftermath.


evolution of horses

Over at Pharyngula, there is a summary of a paper on the phylogeny of American horse species. The amusing thing to me about it is the chart which has a scatter plot of metatarsal dimensions and an oval with the label New World stilt-legged and Asian asses. I feel inspired to write something with that phrase it in now…

Ives has been cancelled

The Ives concert that I posted earlier has been cancelled. While that gives me some more free time in the spring, I’m a little sad, since I really like Ives.

However, today I bought a CD of Cox and Box and Trial by Jury as well as the Hilliard Ensemble doing Machaut’s Messe de Notre Dame, which I will hopefully be singing this fall.