evolution of horses

Over at Pharyngula, there is a summary of a paper on the phylogeny of American horse species. The amusing thing to me about it is the chart which has a scatter plot of metatarsal dimensions and an oval with the label New World stilt-legged and Asian asses. I feel inspired to write something with that phrase it in now…

0 thoughts on “evolution of horses

  1. Hmmm…how many people would have to decide to use the latter part of that phrase for the purpose of horse phylogeny to strongly affect the google results?

    Not being a reader of Pharyngula, I have to admit (before checking the general site) to really wondering why *you* were reading up on horse phylogeny, Anand. I really was hoping (and was fairly sure) that you weren’t just googling the term ‘asian asses’ and came across the article idly… 😉

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