the ship is headed nowhere good

According to a BBC article today, Jean Charles de Menezes was, in fact, behaving relatively innocuously before being shot in the head while being restrained. He picked up a paper, ran to catch his train, and sat down. No bulky jacket, no leaping over ticket barriers, just a guy trying to catch his train.

In the aftermath of this incident I was willing to give the cops just a little sympathy — perhaps it was a tense situation and things got out of hand. I could, with little effort, construct scenarios in my mind that would have led to the same outcome and a less-than-clear-cut assignment of good and evil to the players involved. However, with this new information my dramatic imagination is stretched to its utmost. I’m left with the premise of “cops see swarthy/brown man running, shoot to kill.” Hopefully there will be some accountability here rather than the parade of official deceptions to which we were treated in the aftermath.

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0 thoughts on “the ship is headed nowhere good

  1. i know the feeling. the events happened while i was out of town for a few days. my original reaction was “what a horrible misunderstanding.” my sympathy melted into horror when i learned that they had actually pinned him down before shooting him. several times. it just fails to make sense. if he *were* a terrorist, and they had him pinned down, they had nothing to lose and everything to gain by keeping him alive.

    on the other hand, while i definitely think there should be repercussions for the officers involved, i am very very glad that i do not have their job.

  2. Not that it serves as an excuse, but most likely the guy must have been nervous while restrained and unable to answer the questions the officers were throwing at him… Still, if the truth is as it is shown (because this is a newspaper version apparently), it is a sad episode of a policemen out of control who should be jailed.

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