migration is now

I will be migrating to WordPress shortly. After doing so I will blog about Manjula Padmanabhan’s latest comments on Harvest in two parts : “The playwright has her cake and eats it too” and “Identity, authenticity, and universality.”

Update: migration seems to have been successful, but I need a less godawful template. Aesthetic sensibilities will be restored pending actual sleep.

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0 thoughts on “migration is now

  1. Okay, this blue and silver crap is kind of hideous, but hypothetically, I could handle the color scheme. (I mean, look at the current state of my blog…) It’s just not very… you.

    Why the switch? I mean, I’m of the “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it,” so what was the problem with moveable type?

  2. WordPress is free and continues to be free — if I want to have multiple blogs I can (unlike with MT, which has moved to a pay-for-features structure). WP also doesn’t have obnoxious “rebuild” requirements, which got to be a pain in MT. Besides, I needed some way to procrastinate on the whole thesis thing.

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