the spam was getting to me

So I upgraded to the free version of MT 3.121, with the snazzier and better version of MT-Blacklist. So far, so good, although I kept putting the images in the wrong place. Commenting should work again, although it was broken all afternoon.

And now — project reports. I like to call this little detour “structured procrastination.”


awash in spam

Every few days I have to clear out about 50 spam comments from this blog. It’s usually not a problem, thanks to MT-Blacklist. But an odd thing I noticed is that spammers attack the same few posts over and over again. My only theory is that they have higher Google rankings or something than other entries. Anyone else notice similar behavior?

academic blogging

One idea I’ve been batting around is to make a blog on information theory — an academic blog where there is discussion and posts of interest to the IT community, reviews of books, papers, and so on. It lacks a vision now, and the more I think about it, the less useful it seems.

In areas like economics, cultural criticism, literary/media studies, and journalism, academic blogging has found a good niche. John Holbo at Crooked Timber has two good posts on literary studies, and Wally has his essays on seriality and narrative. The strongest selling point is that blogging allows a sort of public hearing on a draft of new ideas without the formality of a graduate seminar or conference. It can enhance dialogue, which is good when you are trying to work out new ideas. These blogs deal with issues of interpretation.
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no, it’s my SQL

I converted everything over from Berkeley DB to mySQL, and things seem to be happy now. Of course, I had to learn a little bit about mySQL, but learning more about databases can’t hurt, can it? Can it?

corrupted database

At the moment, my database files on this blog are corrupted. I’ve been using Berkeley DB, which is apparently very flaky and gets corrupted easily. How incredibly appropriate. I’m talking with my ISP about how to fix this, but things do not look good for our hero.

In case you were wondering, I am your hero. Guys on the left side for high-fives, hot girls on the right side for makeouts.

And of course, krobinso is my hero.

my biggest fans

Appear to be purveyors of gay pornography. I deleted no fewer than 5 spurious comments/spam on my blog just now. Does anyone know if IP Banning actually works? I seem to get the same spam over and over again…