interrupted field

I just picked up one CD from 69 Love Songs by the Magnetic Fields, and was groovin’ to it this morning while working on some research, but was disturbed by the crazy skipping action on my CD player. Turns out that Amoeba sold me a skipping CD — first time ever with them. I’m a huge fan of buying used media, but with books you can flip though and see if the pages have been dog-eared (a pet peeve of mine) or if there’s gratuitous underlining, whereas with CDs you cannot. I think it goes back to an underlying problem with the way in which music is marketed. You cannot judge a CD by its cover any more than you can judge a book by its cover, and many CDs get little to no radio airplay. Especially if they are older. So how are you supposed to tell if that 1995 album is one that you want? All of this is old news and old thoughts of others, of course.

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0 thoughts on “interrupted field

  1. you should break into Amoeba at night and barricade yourself inside until they come up with some guarantees. that’s what I did at Burger King one time. it was a bad day.

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