Night Watch

by Terry Pratchett. I admit it, I’m somewhat addicted to these Terry Pratchett Discworld novels, which I find somewhat humorous in their self-referential tongue-in-cheek fantasy humor. Night Watch is not a place to start in the series, but might follow naturally after Men At Arms. In this novel, Sam Vimes, who holds the job of police commissioner, is about to apprehend a vicious serial killer when he gets zapped back in time (with the criminal) to his youth. He naturally has to assume the identity of the copper who trained him when he just joined the force, train himself, thwart the criminal, and so on. All very formulaic, but after one Discworld novel you just start looking for the little humorous bits. I fell like in this novel Pratchett gets a bit more into some Deeper Issues, like what it means to look back on your life and your experiences, the values of naivete, and all that rot. But in the end it’s just an entertaining read. Good for airplanes, that’s for sure.

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