open course ware

MIT’s Open Course Ware project is designed to bring some of the excellent teaching materials developed by MIT to the world free of charge. I just noticed that they have hired some people to translate the sites into Spanish and Portuguese.

I actually use OCW sometimes to look up things in lecture notes. It seems like the structure is too restrictive to cover some classes, however. I guess the lecture notes/problem sets/midterm paradigm is dominant at MIT that OCW can have wide coverage if not universal coverage. If only Berkeley’s educational IT support was so organized. Some might argue that it’s a functioning chaos. I find it inefficient and wasteful.


free scripts

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“Thy worst. I fart at thee.”

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“Didst thou ever see / A lark in a cage? Such is the soul in the body: this world / Is like her little turf of grass, and the heaven o’er our heads, / Like her looking-glass, only gives us a miserable knowledge / Of the small compass of our prison.”