I took one of them Internet quizzes on “what programming language are you?” and was told that I am Haskell, a polymorphicly typed, lazy, purely functional language. Looking at the site makes me think it’s pretty cool — I had never heard of it, which is unsurprising. I know the amazingly cool Manu is a programming language h4xx0r, but just reading up their propaganda on why they are so cool was pretty interesting. Since the most complicated coding I really need to do is in MATLAB, I don’t know what I would do with Haskell, but I actually considered making it a project to learn it. Hooray learning! Of course, I have no time, so bollocks to that idea.

0 thoughts on “Haskell

  1. Heh, pretty funny. I’d say Haskell prioritizes elegance and principle over practicality, but others would disagree. Not sure if that gives you any insight into why you are Haskell either. And yes, we programming languages researchers are unbelievably cool :). Where is this quiz?

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