the bad part of the evening

Dinner was great fun, but the part where it took me almost 3 hours to get home, 2.5 of which were spent stalled in traffic to get through the detour onto the bridge was not so fun. Ironically, I decided to drive because a late dinner in the outer Richmond would have possibly meant missing the last BART and having to take the transbay bus back, but given that I got home at 3, the bus would have been faster. Plus, I could have at least read something.

I don’t understand why they don’t post a sign when you go in to the city warning you that construction will be happening that night. Furthermore, it took the cops nearly 2 hours to get out onto the streets to regulate traffic. I overheard a cop talking to a construction guy, and it seems like the cops had no idea of the duration of the construction, which is mind-boggling. Why is this whole process riddled with incompetency? Had I known it what was going to happen, I would have just skipped the whole detour thing and gone down to San Mateo and back over. I would have gotten back in time that way.

Why oh why can’t we have better managed infrastructure upgrades?


3 thoughts on “the bad part of the evening

  1. I got caught off guards by this as wel, coming home from Volti. I, too, had made an exception to my public transit rule that day because of needing to stay late in the City. bah. It doesn’t sound like I caught as bad a delay as you. I tried getting on at 8th st., and just drove along Harrison all the way to 2nd street. I think that I was trying to get on immediately after the 80 closed, so that may have been why it wasn’t as bad. I’m sorry, dude!

  2. usually has notices about closures, if you can remember to check the web before heading over the bridge. They’ll even tell you which on-ramps are open, so you can drive through SOMA and skip the mess getting off the freeway (and sometimes the mess getting back on, since often two on-ramps are open but traffic off the freeway is all being herded to one of these). But yes, BART is generally a better choice.

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