ITA 2008 : Part the Second

This is the second part in my blogging about some of the talks I saw at ITA 2008, and also a way for me to test a tag so that readers who don’t care about information theory won’t have a huge post hogging up their aggregator window (livejournal, I’m looking at you). Again, I may have misunderstood something in the talks, so if you see something that doesn’t sound right, let me know.

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the bad part of the evening

Dinner was great fun, but the part where it took me almost 3 hours to get home, 2.5 of which were spent stalled in traffic to get through the detour onto the bridge was not so fun. Ironically, I decided to drive because a late dinner in the outer Richmond would have possibly meant missing the last BART and having to take the transbay bus back, but given that I got home at 3, the bus would have been faster. Plus, I could have at least read something.

I don’t understand why they don’t post a sign when you go in to the city warning you that construction will be happening that night. Furthermore, it took the cops nearly 2 hours to get out onto the streets to regulate traffic. I overheard a cop talking to a construction guy, and it seems like the cops had no idea of the duration of the construction, which is mind-boggling. Why is this whole process riddled with incompetency? Had I known it what was going to happen, I would have just skipped the whole detour thing and gone down to San Mateo and back over. I would have gotten back in time that way.

Why oh why can’t we have better managed infrastructure upgrades?