scientology is bad

Scientology annoys the hell out of me, as do all cults, but it was pretty disheartening to hear that Beck is also a Scientologist. My anger stems from personal anecdotal evidence from an ex-church member who is my friend’s stepdad. Having just watched a play about the People’s Temple, I wonder if such a play could be made about those Dianetics nutcases. They’re too smart to have a terrible tragedy like Jonestown, but enough stories put together, and it could be an interesting night of theater.

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9 thoughts on “scientology is bad

  1. Man, Cruise is OT-7? The OT-3 stuff is crazy enough. His brain must be half mush by now. I’m impressed, though – of all the articles I’ve seen lately talking about him touting scientology, this is the only one that’s actually bothered to make any mention of what it is scientologists believe.

  2. I KNOW!! I can’t believe it. He was a big hero of mine as a teenager. Now I find out that his arty image and upbringing were to a large extent a fabrication of publicity people who were covering up his family’s history with scientology … pretty sad. This doesn’t really effect my appreciation for his work, if anything it makes him a more interesting figure. But to realize how false the marketed “BECK” persona is was a real shock to my system. His best album was one foot in the grave anyway.

  3. scientology is not bad at all it helps children and lots of people around the world> i had so much trauble in my life i was never happy then scientology hellped me out with that lots of people lie about scientology they say its bad and it kills you but its not true they only way to find out is to go and try it out for your self and trust me it works scientology is the greatest thing ever

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