0 thoughts on “I am totally down with this

  1. I have a recipe for mead (well, metheglin, really), if you’d like to try that. I’d happily help you drink the results. 😉

  2. I got Robbie a cheese-making kit for his birthday. We’ve made mozzerella a couple times, and this Christmas we made it in various flavors for family members. Adding garlic powder is goooooood.

    I got the kit from here. It comes with a thermometer, cheesecloth, rennet, and citric acid, plus directions for both mozzerella and ricotta.

    Maybe soon we’ll move on to hard cheeses! Mmmm, cheese.

  3. nice! i’ve bookmarked the page. i’m amused that they recommend Zatarain’s for the root beer…i’d definitely like to try that.

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