Koetter-Vardy algorithm in MATLAB redux

Pursuant to my previous post, some raw (and possibly now not as functional) code for the Koetter-Vardy and Guruswami-Sudan algorithms is now posted off of my work page. It’s horrendously slow, but I’m sure others can make it better.

Update: I’ve moved and the code is gone, archived elsewhere. I don’t plan to post it again — it’s just a class project, so people should try to do it on their own for educational purposes.


mr. gould, I salute you

Rediscovering lost loves and finding them fresh and new is always a wonderful feeling. This last year my life became engulfed in singing and I stopped listening to a lot of purely instrumental works. This set of albums is the best of both worlds, since you can hear the pianist humming along with the fugue.

Glenn Gould’s Well-Tempered Clavier is astonishing — it makes me want to lie down on my back in a sunny field, go skipping through the library, tiptoe through a dark cave, fight super-villains, and prove this goddamn theorem. Mr. Gould, you created an inspiration, an instigation, and hopefully what will be an incipient instantiation of some real progress. I salute you.

personal updates

I found a place to live, finally. It’s not far from where I live now. If you want the address, send me email — if you want to help me move (read : masochistic), I’ll be doing that this weekend. Feasts! Fun! Frolic!

Research is going terribly — those things I can prove are at the fringes of things that are more exciting. They are like tide-pools, brimming with their own secret and temporary ecosystems, but insufficient to support my thesis aspirations. Time to go skinny-dipping again, academically, I suppose. Hmmm, academic skinny-dipping.

Ranting on causality and a possible new interesting problem to follow.