personal updates

I found a place to live, finally. It’s not far from where I live now. If you want the address, send me email — if you want to help me move (read : masochistic), I’ll be doing that this weekend. Feasts! Fun! Frolic!

Research is going terribly — those things I can prove are at the fringes of things that are more exciting. They are like tide-pools, brimming with their own secret and temporary ecosystems, but insufficient to support my thesis aspirations. Time to go skinny-dipping again, academically, I suppose. Hmmm, academic skinny-dipping.

Ranting on causality and a possible new interesting problem to follow.


0 thoughts on “personal updates

  1. If you want to pay for my plane ticket, I’ll help you move this weekend.

    (See, this is the best kind of offer. I get to sound like a good and supportive friend while knowing that I’m not actually going to have to lift a finger.)

  2. i like the imagery. but… “academic skinny-dipping”?

    anyhow. i hope your move’s gone ok, and that you’re getting settled in. i seem to be kinda sorta coming back up for air again now, back into this usual-life.

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