Last night I almost got into an altercation with someone who called me “Habib.” I took it as a slur, they meant it as a slur but in a joking way. I really don’t like the kind of person I was last night, and I really don’t like ignorant talk like I heard last night. I need to make changes right quick.


0 thoughts on “changes

  1. this sort of thing is so dependent on so many factors. i mean, pretty much anyone can tell me to “get back in the kitchen,” and i’ll know it’s a joke, because it is *very* socially unacceptable to stereotype women like that. i can call vikash a towelhead, and he’ll know it’s a joke because, well, he knows i’m not a total asshole, at least not in that way. but it’s not the sort of thing i’d say to just anyone, because the prevalent social opinion on racial/ethic slurs of middle eastern people is that they’re okay, either because they’re true or because people are angry or whatever excuse people choose to make for it. i can see where many people might think i was being actually serious.

  2. “Habib”? That’s just…odd, and doesn’t really make sense as a slur, since the word means “friend”. Still, I can see where you’re coming from.

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