a boy was born : finis

We finished recording A Boy Was Born last night. This time we didn’t have any planes flying above or rose-window death-rays, so it was easier to work. Unfortunately, we didn’t get quite enough time to lay down Three Kings as well as we would have liked.

On an unrelated note, the Jehovah’s Witnesses came by today to tell me about how Isiah forsaw a world in which nobody was hungry and people all had their own homes. I don’t have the heart to shut the door it seems. I let them say their piece and took a copy of The Watchtower. And into the recyling bin it goes.


tracks seis

This one is for a bakery, so I wanted it to be a little more mellow and all-ages. I’m not entirely happy with it, although I do like the little sweep up from Joplin to US3.

1. Route 66 (Nat King Cole)
2. Queen of the Savages (The Magnetic Fields)
3. La Belle Et La Manouche (Les Primitifs Du Futur)
4. Una Musical Brutal (Gotan Project)
5. Sweet and Gentle (Don Byron/Mickey Katz)
6. Summer Song (Louis Armstrong/David Brubeck)
7. Weeping Willow (Dick Hyman/Scott Joplin)
8. Black Bottom Stomp (Jelly Roll Morton)
9. Flight of the Bumblebee (Yo-Yo Ma and Bobby McFerrin/Rimsky-Korsakov)
10. Splanky (Christian McBride)
11. Cantaloop (US3)
12. And Your Bird Can Sing (The Beatles)
13. You Can’t Break My Heart (The Hot Club of Cowtown)
14. The Best Things Happen While You’re Dancing (Elling)
15. Promenade – Gnomus : Orchestral (Mussorgsky)
16. I Just Want To Make Love To You (Buddy Guy)
17. The Man I Love (Billie Holiday)
18. Non je ne regrette rien (Edith Piaf)
19. Lob des hohen Verstandes (Dietrich Fischer-Diskau/Gustav Mahler)
20. Twisted (Lambert, Hendricks, and Ross)
21. For The Longest Time (UIUC Other Guys/Billy Joel)