big singing

I have an audition coming up next week for the San Francisco Symphony Chorus. It’s pretty nerve-racking, really. I think there are only 5 or so slots open for tenors and the chorus is huge. The consolation prize is that I might still be able to sing the Mahler even if I’m not accepted into the regular chorus. The concerts I’m hoping to sing in are:

  • Stravinsky — The Nightingale and Oedipus Rex
  • Ives — New England Holidays
  • Shostakovich — Symphony No. 13 “Baba Yar”
  • Mahler — Symphony No. 8

My audition is on the 25th — which is also when we’re going to try to finish recording the Britten.


subtitles for english movies

One advantage — you can tell what the lyrics are in the background music. For a movie like Six-String Samurai, it adds to the experience. Maybe I should actually buy a Red Elvises CD.