funny billboard in urbana


An ad by the Committee of Responsible and Attentive Parents.

The question is, how many people realize that it’s a joke?

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0 thoughts on “funny billboard in urbana

  1. There are a couple of them in town… the one on Green street has been “modified” … someone’s spraypainted out the words Hip Hop and written in “Intolerance, Stereotypes & Racism” or something like that.

  2. How do you know it’s a joke? I don’t know who would pay for half a dozen billboards as a joke.

    The one on Green says, “Stereotypes,” “Racism,” and “Ignorance.”

  3. I got a pic of the billboard on green. (The “edited” one)

    I uploaded it HERE

    I know its fake because the anagram for Committee of Responsible and Attentive Parents is CRAP, and a google search for Committee of Responsible and Attentive Parents yields NO results.

    This is another fake thing by ADAMS advertising. They own the billboards so it costs virtually nothing. They did the ones with Abe Lincoln and “Great Leader?”, which were also “graffitied” to simply read “Great Leader.”

    Its a publicity stunt by ADAMS to prove that billboard advertising does get the public’s attention, so it is a good form of advertising.

  4. I have to say, whether or not its a joke, it certainly got my attention and truly pissed me off. It seems just like something that some chicken-shit, white-bred, mid-west, christian, bush-loving, red state, bible-thumping, flag waving, racist, rednect, hillbilly, rebel southern hick would say from his tree stand while hunting, or the front porch of his trailer up in north Champaign, and truly believe in and pass onto his or her children as gospel….

    If its true, someone IS going to get their goddamn trailer burned down, if its a fake, we’d better see some equally inflamatory “spoof” remark about some kind of mindnumbing ‘white-people’ music…

  5. Fake or not, the thrust of the message is significant… Has the Adams publicity angle been corroborated? No matter what, the name of the “sponsoring organization” spells out “C.R.A.P.”…

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