the spam was getting to me

So I upgraded to the free version of MT 3.121, with the snazzier and better version of MT-Blacklist. So far, so good, although I kept putting the images in the wrong place. Commenting should work again, although it was broken all afternoon.

And now — project reports. I like to call this little detour “structured procrastination.”


Emperor Norton I Bridge

Some in the Bay Area wish to rename the Bay Bridge the Emperor Norton I bridge. Norton, a 19th century eccentric, lead a full and exciting life as the only Emperor of the United States. His many decrees and letters can be found online, and are good for a mid-day chuckle. I was first introduced to him in the Sandman comic, collected in Fables and Reflections. I suppose if I had been here before reading it I would have known all about him, but I figured Neil Gaiman was making it up. Truth, as they say, is stranger than fiction.