The heat is off in my building to save money during break, which makes it a little difficult to type and work. I’m reminded by my piano teacher‘s story of buying fingerless gloves to practice in unheated practice rooms. Berkeley’s attitude towards cutting costs and saving money remind me of a scaled-up version of household economizing. While it’s effective keeping expenses down at home, I’m surprised that cutting corners like this saves as much on the institutional level.

In other news, apparently we use loud mixtapes of Lil’ Kim, RATM, and Eminem to shake up prisoners at Guantanamo before interrogating them. I’m speechless. Of course, there’s other more serious stuff in the article too, which is more disturbing.

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0 thoughts on “chilly

  1. Coincidently, I turned my heat down today as I got warm enough to start wearing a tank top around the house. What a strange day when people are sweltering in a New England winter and the Californians are cold.

  2. I remember reading in a news article that a judge somewhere (texas perhaps) was giving an alternative punishment to people caught by the police with music at unreasonable levels: listening opera for 3 hours straight at a high volume in the judge’s office… Music and music, hum.

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