Math, aftermath

Now that the dust has cleared from the housewarming party, I have to say it was a rousing success. We will clearly have to throw more parties. And I danced some, even. That was fun.

I find myself wanting to learn Bhangra now, not because I like the music particularly, but because it seems like something completely absurd to do at parties. Is this just parading my own ethnic identity monkey-in-a-zoo style? I think so. But then again, so is doing ridiculous accents, and I like to do ridiculous accents.

And even though I’m supposed to hate Stanford (or as they say at Berkeley, “Stanfurd”), this site (courtesy of MeFi) is doing wonders for reducing my productivity. The amount of math out there that I would like to know is so vast, and the amount that I know is so little in comparison, that I despair sometimes. That’s why it’s good to have smart friends.


2 thoughts on “Math, aftermath

  1. Thanks a lot, you bastard. Now I’m addicted to that Stanford site as well. And no, I refuse to spell it “Stanfurd.”

    Anyway, I want to learn me some bhangra as well. It’s just such mindless fun. One day, I will be the greatest non-Punjabi bhangra dancer in the world. Then I will return to the slums to take you to the top with me.

    One day, together, we will rock the party that rocks the party.

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