I went to the Bear’s Lair, which is the student pub here (brighter than the Thirsty and more zealous about carding), and had a pint of porter while reading neuroscience papers. I rather like the place in the early evening hours — I think I’ll go there more often, maybe become a regular. The music is pretty good, and when it’s not so crowded it’s quite pleasant, like an uncrowded coffeeshop that serves beer.

On the walk home I had a really fun conversation with Adam about comedy, which made me miss him all the more. Of course, I wasn’t hit by a car on the way back, which would have probably made me miss him even more than that, but that was probably a good thing, all told.

Neuroscience is an odd field — reading papers about how they anaesthetized a cat with halothane, dilated its pupils, mechanically fixed its eyeball, and flashed lights and white noise in front of it while measuring neural responses is simultaneously revolting and intriguing to me. The experiments carried out were approved of under the humane treatment of animals guidelines for UC Berkeley, but what does that mean, exactly?