Dark Days

I saw part of the documentary Dark Days last night, due to Geeta’s mad shopping spree at Amoeba. It was really interesting, but I got too tired to finish it. It’s all about the homeless who live in the NY subway tunnels, how they make that place their home, and how they survive in New York. It was a real eye-opener, especially because I’m in a place with more homeless people than I’ve seen outside of India.

On the complete other end of the spectrum, Cowboy Bebop is winning the “best anime series” award for me. On the other hand, I’m not an expert, and have no plans on becoming one. But it’s damn good. Especially the music.

Last weekend I saw a play called Thirst, by Neena Beber, who used to write for Clarissa Explains It All. A loose adaptation of a Henry James story, it tried to say a lot about art and the desire to possess things, in a very theatrical way. As Cheveda put it, it was a play that you could only really see that theater company doing in that space. It reminded me of the not-so-thrilling productions I’ve seen at Aurora. Maybe I’m alone here, but I want to go to theater that picks me up and throws me against the wall, breaking my ribs. Either violently or playfully, but I need to sit up and take notice of things. Of course, seeing new plays is always good, I think, because you learn different things than you do from old plays.

But the best of all is when they teach an old play new tricks.