Now I know what they’re talking about

I used to be one of those people who hated Windows because it was the cool thing to do — everybody hated it, and for reasons that seemed good on paper, but I had never personally been screwed over by it or experienced difficulty in reinstalling the operating system, or what have you.

All that has changed.

I’m now willing to venture that the current pain I am experiencing installing XP is far, far worse than the time I tried to install LinuxPPC on my Mac without any directions. It is worse even than trying to sysadmin a DECstation running Ultrix, possibly the most head-up-its-ass flavor of Unix ever to grace a desktop microcomputer.

I hate you, Bill Gates, and all your demon monkeys. May penguins assault you with razor sharp beaks in the deepest circles of Hell.

Of course, if there were penguins in hell, wouldn’t it mean that it had frozen over? Or maybe they are evil Lava Penguins. Wow. That sounds like a monster from Diablo or something.


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