An algorithm to find the shortest path to punting

Classes have begun, and like any student, I look for new ways to punt my work, or at least ways to take a break. But I think I should learn something on my breaks, or expand my horizons, or something. So instead of watching Strong Bad emails over and over again, I’ve taken to reading some of the assorted writings of the original computer science Dutch Master, Edsger W. Dijkstra. They’re pretty well written, and often quite provocative. I’m not sure I agree with him, but he expresses himself so well that it’s a pleasure to read them.

In fact, I should compile a list of websites with interesting things to read or learn in order to make my puntage a better use of my time. Of course, the risk is that I spend all my time punting (in which case, can you really call it punting?), but I’m not too worried. For example, for some good music reviews and other commentary, check out The High Hat. If any of the 5 people who read this have any other good links, send ’em along.