How many people have “met Shannon?”

I saw a paper on ArXiV yesterday called Kalman meets Shannon, which got me thinking: in how many papers has someone met Shannon, anyway? Krish blogged about this a few years ago, but since then Shannon has managed to meet some more people. I plugged “meets Shannon” into Google Scholar, and out popped:

Sometimes people are meeting Shannon, and sometimes he is meeting them, but each meeting produces at least one paper.


6 thoughts on “How many people have “met Shannon?”

    • Actually I was thinking of Shannon number in terms of “A meets B” on paper titles.

      For example –
      Robinson Crusoe meets Walras and Keynes
      D McFadden – Mimeographed, University of California at Berkeley, 1975

      Competitive equilibrium: Walras meets Darwin
      S Didrik Flåm, B Sandvik – Optimization, 2000 – Taylor & Francis

      Thereby giving Darwin, Keynes and Robinson Crusoe a Shannon number (upper bound) of 3…

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