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ISIT 2013 is over, and there were lots of good talks. Just as a few quick impressions — the conference felt a bit more fragmented to me, topic-wise. I almost didn’t see many of the coding theorists because their sessions were physically separated from the Shannon theory/estimation sessions that I normally find myself in.

However, perhaps the theme of the conference for me this year was “measure concentration.” Between Marton’s Shannon Lecture, Lugosi’s tutorial, and Max’s talk on data processing, I felt like very measured, and yet full of concentration.

I’ll blog about a few of them here, but if any readers want to write a guest post about some interesting talks they saw, please feel free to contact me. I’ll likely post some recaps later in the week after I get back from Asia/Europe.


7 thoughts on “ISIT highlights request

  1. How can I access to the Marton’s Shannon Lecture ? The ISIT webpage didn’t lunch any note on this presentation ! I’m just eager to see any video or the lecture notes .

    • Video from the lecture usually takes a while to make it to the IT Society website, but this will hopefully improve as we are getting better media infrastructure/website support. I’ll post again when the videos/slides are online. There’s a lot to do after the conference so it takes a little while to get the materials organized.

      • Well I haven’t posted my thoughts on it but the slides are up on the ITSOC website (as well as the ISIT website), so you can at least get those. She stuck very close to the slide text, so they are a good encapsulation of the content.

    • Interesting that you say this. Before his talk I thought he will secure about 1000 copies sold to ITSoc members. After it I thought he guaranteed almost none.

      • Well, partly it is because I was trying to work on some modifications of log Sobolev inequalities before, so I was already primed on the material. Plus I’ve been using his lecture notes since… undergrad, really. That made it a lot easier to follow. But why did you find the talk so discouraging?

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