A poem in lieu of a post

I’ve not been posting because I have been visiting Japan for the last week (and for another week after this). I am teaching one week of a machine learning course at the Toyota Technological Institute (豊田工業大学, Toyota Kōgyō Daigaku), which is the main campus — TTI-Chicago is just a satellite campus. Between jet lag, sightseeing, and lesson prep I haven’t had much of a chance to post about anything.

My friend Celeste posted a link to the poem Telephone Repairman, by Joseph Millar.

Some people who read this blog work on communications. It’s worth taking a pause occasionally to contemplate, as the character in the poem does:

He thinks of the many signals
flying in the air around him
the syllables fluttering,
saying please love me,
from continent to continent
over the curve of the earth.