Capacity-achieving philately

The following email came through the ITSOC mailing list, but may be of interest to other readers of the blog.

Dear Colleagues,

We are making a proposal to the United States Postal Service for the production of a stamp honoring Claude Elwood Shannon on the 100th anniversary of his birth.

The proposal is available at:

Please add your endorsement on that page, and then spread the word!

We would love to have the endorsements of your friends, colleagues, department chair, dean, university president, CEO, government representatives, school-aged children, and the public at large. [Contact information for endorsing individuals will not be posted.]

Thanks for your support!
Michelle Effros


3 thoughts on “Capacity-achieving philately

  1. If it does go through, another interesting question is what should be on the stamp. Shannon with Theseus, Shannon with the block diagram, Shannon with the reliability function, …

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