Postdoc position at EURECOM

(via David Tse)

EURECOM’s Communications Theory Group is looking for a highly qualified postdoctoral researcher in the areas of communications theory, cooperative wireless networks, and cloud-aided radio access. The position is open NOW and is to be filled preferably before summer 2013. The location is European Tech-Park Sophia Antipolis, France. Details follow below or can be found under or in the text below. If you are interested please contact immediately Prof. David Gesbert ( with CV+motivation.

Open Postdoc postion at EURECOM’s Communication Theory Group
Interference Control in Cloud-Enabled Small Cell Networks

The research focusses on one of the hottest trends within wireless networks, namely Small Cell Networks (SCN). By bringing the infrastructure closer to the users and allowing advanced cooperation schemes, SCN are envisioned as the solution towards meeting the hugely increasing traffic demands in wireless networks. Nevertheless, as the density of spectrum-reusing transmitting devices is increasing, so is interference. This project considers the problem of interference control (and to a wider extent the problem of wireless capacity optimization) in SCN through allowing cooperative signal decoding (uplink) and precoding (downlink) partially in the Cloud.
The candidate will borrow tools from signal processing, communication theory and information theory with the aim of proposing novel algorithms or analyzing cooperative precoding/decoding assuming the existence of a so-called Cloud-radio access network (Cloud RAN). Items of particular interest include

  • Frameworks for partially local single base processing, partially centralized (in the cloud) joint multi-base processing
  • Theory of in network processing and possible applications to the above problem
  • Theoretical performance limits
  • Limited feedback issues
  • Decentralized interference coordination, network MIMO, MAC protocols

The position is open NOW and is to be filled preferably before summer 2013.

The candidate shall work within the Communications Theory Group of EURECOM, located in international Tech Park Sophia-Antipolis, 20 min from the international Nice Airport in the French Riviera. The working language is English. The position is partly funded by the participation in an EU research project. Participation to workshops, conferences, and project meetings is expected.
Competitive salary and generous benefit packages are offered for the duration of the Postdoc. The expected duration is from 1 to 1.5 years.

Contact: Please contact Prof. David Gesbert ( directly to apply. Your email shall include a short motivation statement describing why you intent to do a Postdoc and your past experience with related topics such as cooperative transmission, network MIMO systems, etc., full CV, and two names of professors, supervisors, acting as reference for you.